Matthew Sherman

Graphic Designer


Mobile App Design, UI/UX

Project Scope: User research, Technologies Research, Content Strategy, Information Architecture, Task Flows, User Personas, Wireframes, Prototyping with, Branding/Identity, Iconography, Storyboarding and Script Writing, Videography and Art Direction, Promotional Video

Stocked is a smartphone app that works in tandem with a Bluetooth enabled barcode printer to organize and manage a microbusiness’ inventory. The inventory management system helps merchants keep track of their inventory, allowing them to add and subtract items, and acquire specific reports that may help run the business.

Problem. Many inventory management systems on the current market exceed the budget for most microbusinesses of which make an average $1k-$12k a year. An adequate system costs $1200-$5600, with some including a barcode scanner, and many with monthly/annual fees. Although the need is great, a business with this average income could not afford to incur such an expense. Solution. My partner, Margaret Darcher, and I have created a mobile app solution that greatly reduces the microbusiness owner’s expenses and provides a tool that not only organizes inventory, but will produce and export the necessary reports come tax time. It will integrate with many popular online market places like Ebay and Amazon, and will print barcodes for items with a companion barcode printer. Users. User research has shown that most businesses in operation in the United States are microbusinesses. By definition, a microbusiness is primarily run by one person (the owner), however can be up to 5 people. Microbusiness owners make up to $35k a year and operate out of the home. We found that 58.1% of all microbusiness owners are women.
My roles:
  • Prototype Development and Visual Interface with
  • Promotional Video Storyboard, Directing, and Editing

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