Matthew Sherman

Graphic Designer

Peter & Wendy

Book Design

Project Scope: Book Design, Hand-Lettering, Illustration, Layout, Long Documents

The story of Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie has been a timeless classic since its debut on a London stage in 1904. In 1911, the book was first entitled PETER & WENDY. I used this title to recreate a story that could reach a larger and perhaps older audience.

Resurrecting the title PETER & WENDY allowed for a softer and elegant design approach as well as shining a light on the dynamic relationship between these two characters throughout the story.

Dust Jacket Design and Interior

The three leaves represent the uncertainty of Peter Pan’s existence (make-believe) a common theme throughout the book, in which three leaves were first found under the windowsill in the nursery. The dust jacket is set in san serif Calibri and the serif typeface Adobe Jenson with hand lettering and illustration for the rest.