Matthew Sherman

Graphic Designer


Redesign, Brand Identity, Book Design

Project Scope: Research, Content Strategy, Hand-Lettering, Redesign, Branding/Identity, Typography, Layout Design

The Center for the Book Arts in San Francisco has provided readers with a quarterly journal that highlighted the art form’s most talented artists, their works, and valuable techniques and tutorials for years, however, it is no longer in print. As a revival assignment, I was tasked to create a publication that could be resurrected from the ashes of its original predecessor with a new design that embodied the book arts as well as incorporating my own hand-lettered style.

The new look needed a sense of perseverance, elegance, trendiness, and promotion. The Ampersand logotype was hand lettered while the cover photography was shot by Karen Obrist Photography of an “&” symbol that was laser cut into the book.