Matthew Sherman

Graphic Designer

Amazon Special Offers

Visual and Production Design

Project Scope: Research, Art Direction,Visual Production, Photo Editing, Copywriting, Localization

Kindle Accessories is a division of Amazon which handles the sales of Amazon branded products and third party vendor products that work directly with Kindle e-readers and Fire HD tablets. Consumers have the option to purchase Kindle and Fire devices with "Special Offers" at a discounted price or opt out at a higher price. Special Offers appear on the lock-screens of these devices promoting new and useful products made for Kindle. These device owners see a variety of products from cases, chargers, warranties, adapters, and many more. These Special Offers provide these consumers with added discounts while shopping directly from the device itself. Problem. How to promote products to different audiences of Kindle e-readers and Fire HD tablets while maintaining high visual aesthetic and brand voice/guidelines? Solution. Conceptualization of advertisements heavily relying on research of merchandise to create visuals that reflected the usefulness and success of these products. Results. Visual placements of these Special Offers on "lock screens" of Kindle e-readers and Fire HD tablets have performed above benchmark numbers in regards to units sold from devices.
My roles:
  • Conceptualized and executed production of advertisements for Special Offers edition tablets and e-readers in coordination with Kindle Accessories marketing and business team

  • Share final assets with global markets while assisting in localization for European division of Kindle Accessories
  • Presentation of assets to senior designers and managers

Advertisements Featured
5W USB Charger. The 5W USB Charger is a product that can be used with a variety of Kindle and Fire devices. It delivers a fast charge. I wanted to showcase that "tech" element in a surge of energy. Amazon USB Adapter. The Amazon USB Adapter is a great tool for transferring images from the camera to tablet. Our target audiences were users of the Amazon Mom service and so it was important to have a family angle. The idea behind this ad was to show a "baby's first" which is a milestone in parenting. Fire Keyboard. The Fire Keyboard optimizes the Fire HD tablets by providing a thin and lightweight option compared to other keyboards. The idea here was to boost the aesthetic with bright color and structural elements for the background. Amazon Standing case. These products were released during the launch of the new Fire HD 6,7, and HDX 8.9 tablets. The headline was to reflect the new devices, their innovation, and to showcase the standing feature of the cases. The bright bold colors were chosen because of the colors of some of the new devices and to reinforce the headline. Marblue Kid's HeadFoam. The Marblue Kid's HeadFoams are headphones that have a controlled volume for safety and flexible hardware that prevents breaking. These are the perfect headphones for kids while using the Fire tablet. I wanted to capture the playfulness of the colors that are available for purchase in a "chalkboard-like"visual. Kindle Voyage and Paperwhite Cases. The idea for these ads was to take the main features or attributes of the cases and make a clear creative from them. The Protective Covers for Kindle Voyage (left) can stand on their own by folding the cases. These origami inspired covers allowed for an interesting visual in the background. The Leather cover for Kindle Paperwhite (right) was engineered to be lightweight and durable. I took inspiration from the engineering aspect of the case and created a Kindle blueprint for the background.

5W USB Charger
for Kindle and Fire tablet



Amazon USB Adapter for Fire HD 6,7, & HDX 8.9


Fire Keyboard


Amazon Standing Cases


Marblue Kid’s HeadFoams