Matthew Sherman

Graphic Designer

Matthew Sherman is a graphic designer and hand-lettering artist based in Seattle, Washington who loves all things type and salted caramel ice cream. His spirit animal is an otter.

Now, a little about myself. I am originally Portland, Oregon and while in high school I took my first calligraphy class. I loved this class and the teacher so much that I re-enrolled in the class every semester of my high school career. However, after I had graduated, I decided to pursue other interests. Up until a couple of years ago I studied biology and realized that I needed to do something that suited my abilities and love for type.  I was accepted into the design program at Seattle Central Creative Academy where it allowed me implement my love of calligraphy and type and explore many more facets of design that I knew very little about.


My goals as a designer are to instill confidence and trust in not only my work, but also with my clients. 

picture of Matthew Sherman